Yar Yar Karbah, Outstanding Youth Award 2015

An ambitious & motivated self-starter Yar Yar Karbah is a young man from Liberia who with the assistance of his sister came to America, leaving the civil war of his homeland behind. Yar Yar joined the Youth Center in Providence and came to interview for the front desk position. Although he seemed timid, he emphasized the fact that he was very organized and clean.

We all agreed that his experience here would benefit his slight language barrier and make him feel more comfortable. During his interview he was awesome! The Youth Center team noticed that he was prompt, professional, took initiative, and did anything asked of him. Over the summer he took a position at Camp Hawkeye in New Hampshire. Yar Yar was so well liked that they offered him a position as a paid camp counselor. While he was there, he received his Lifeguard certification, paid for by the group because they felt he was worth the investment, and nothing but rave reviews. After that he began his job search with the Youth Center staff for a lifeguarding position and he was hired at the Jewish Community Center on the East Side. He then transitioned into a swim coach for young people. He's held employment at the JCC since last fall.

Yar Yar is starting a second job at the YMCA next month and is seeking to enter a personal training program out of Boston to obtain his national certification. Yar Yar always has a smile on his face and is willing to do what it takes to be successful. He still comes into the Youth Center to visit staff. Yar Yar’s personal transformation throughout his time at the Youth Center has been significant and he has really come into his own! This is the power of work in action! Congratulations Yar Yar!