Yaneer's Success Story

Upon graduation from high school in 2009 Yaneer was referred to Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island by his rehabilitation counselor to complete the Summer Work Program in order to gain some work experience as this would be his first job. 

While in school Yaneer had an Individualized Education Plan to assist him with his learning difficulties and he received special education services particularly for English, Math and History.  Yaneer also had difficulties with his left hand due to a birth defect; however, he said he did not let his limitations get in the way and he proved that as part of the Summer Work Program where he demonstrated the skills to work independently in a competitive environment.

Later on in 2010 Yaneer was referred back to Goodwill to participate in the Work Readiness Program. After completing Work Readiness he started working with an Employment Specialist who assisted him with his job search. He filled out a job application for Big Lots where he had completed his Summer Work Experience and he was hired in November 2010 as a part-time stock clerk. 

Yaneer is still employed and doing a good job whether it is stocking shelves, loading furniture that customers have purchased, ticketing or assisting customers with their needs.  Yaneer’s supervisor feels that he does a great job. When Yaneer first started at Big Lots he would take the bus to and from work. Yaneer does not take the bus anymore, he was able to save up money and he now has a car. 

He is currently working a second job on his days off at Big Lots and he is engaged to be married!