The Power of Work Award 2016

Delonda (last name) was referred to Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island by the Department of Human Services in 2014 where she was a successful participant in the Learn to Earn Employment (LEEP) program. She was concerned how her past would interfere with her future plans and goals for
employment and a career in health services. Delonda powered through and showed her determination and strong work ethic.

Her LEEP instructor, described Delonda as both self-confident and very able to advocate for herself. This coupled with her strong work ethic made her a perfect candidate for Goodwill’s Journey to Success program. Journey is a continuation of the LEEP program for those participants who are immediately ready to find employment. During this training she expressed her strong desire to work in a hospital setting. Delonda’s instructor told her to keep that goal in front of her and that one day, the opportunity would present itself.

Part of the Journey program is the completion of a four-week internship designed to find a job that will fit into participant’s lifestyle and interests. Delonda was placed at Delicious Deli in Cranston which allowed her to continue the care of her four-year-old granddaughter and drop her off at pre-school each morning. Even though certain days were tougher than others, Delonda stuck with it and didn’t leave until she found another position.

On February 5, 2016 Delonda’s goal was realized. That morning Delonda sent a text to her Case Manager at Goodwill stating that she had found a job where she could work both as a dietary aide and in the laundry at Elmwood Health Rehabilitation Center making $12.00 an hour to start, in a part-time position. This opportunity allowed Delonda to take her ServSafe test, which she passed! Delonda stopped by recently to catch up with her friends at Goodwill and to let everyone know that she is continuing to work at the Health Center and work toward the goal of a full time position.

Delonda is a true example of someone who believes in the power of work. She learns, she grows and ultimately she has succeeded. Congratulations Delonda, we are very proud of your hard work!