Outstanding Youth Award 2016

Gervin Mujo, Jr. was a student from Central Falls High School class of 2015. Throughout his high school career, he was a talented athlete and the captain of his football, basketball and baseball teams. During the course of his senior year he enrolled in Goodwill’s Tri-Employment program.

Tri-Employment is a partnership between Goodwill Industries of RI, the Office of Rehabilitation Services and Central Falls High School. In the program students are required to complete 30 hours of work readiness classes within an eight-month span followed by a 10-week internship in their field of interest. Gervin was the star of his Tri-Employment class, maintaining perfect attendance. Throughout the course Gervin indicated that he would be interested in working in a hospital setting. For health care interests, Goodwill partners with Miriam Hospital and Gervin was able to complete his internship in the valet department at Miriam Hospital.

Throughout his internship he again had perfect attendance, was on time and greeted all the patients prior to entering the hospital. Once his 10-week internship was completed Gervin went into the Summer Work program at Goodwill of RI and continued to work at Miriam Hospital for another 7 weeks. During the summer work Gervin’s valet manager was interested in hiring him, however, Gervin needed to learn how to drive a manual car. So Gervin spent his summer
practicing driving his dad’s manual car so he could potentially be hired at the hospital.

By the end of the summer and after completing 17 weeks of volunteer service at Miriam Hospital, they decided to hire Gervin as a part-time staff member. Six months later, Gervin is still employed by Miriam Hospital, he has been moved to full time status and maxes out with overtime each week. Gervin says he loves every minute of his job. Congratulations Gervin! Job well done