Mission. Vision. Values.

The Mission of Goodwill Industries of Rhode Island is to provide training, education, and other services which result in employment and expanded economic opportunity for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment in order to enhance their capacity for independent living, increased quality of life and work.

  • The people we serve will have a maximum choice in their vocational future.
  • The people we serve are defined by their abilities not their limitations.
  • Training and services will be relevant to the current job market.
  • We will always be the quality provider of employment services in our community.
  • The people we serve will become effective self-advocates.
  • People who receive our services will as a result achieve their full potential for integrated life in a community that is increasingly responsive to their needs.
  • Our program will be cost effective and result oriented.
  • Student, customer, and community satisfaction are important criteria in judging the quality of our services.
  • We value honesty in projecting our mission.   Expectations and limits are clearly articulated.
  • We cooperate with all others committed to enhanced quality of life for the people we serve.
  • Our services empower the people we serve through education, advocacy, and the facilitating of a more responsive community.
  • We provide a caring environment for the people who receive our services, for staff who provide services and for volunteers who assist us.
  • We value input from all constituencies.
  • We are committed to standards of productivity that keep faith with those who support us.