Jenna's Success Story

Jenna arrived at Goodwill Industries of RI in 2009 as a shy young woman who had a learning disability. She needed assistance finding a job and her passion for the culinary arts made food service an ideal career option. Jenna however, was concerned that her learning disability would present problems when it came to math and measurements. After completing her vocational evaluation at Goodwill Industries, it was arranged that Jenna would complete a 10 day work trial at Chelo’s in Smithfield so her skills and abilities could be assessed. Despite Jenna’s bashful nature, she was able to communicate with her supervisors when she needed assistance or had questions. Because of this, Jenna was able to obtain the necessary skills to be successful in the field of food service - skills that she believed she would have trouble with because of her disability. At the end of her 10 day work trial Jenna was approved for an additional 10 days so she could further develop her skill set.

During this time, Jenna was able to do more of the hands on work and prepared foods. Jenna started to feel really good about herself and it was clear this experience was making a positive impact on her. By the end of her program Jenna was able to appropriately self-advocate. Additionally, there was a substantial increase in her productivity. As a result, Jenna was offered a permanent job at Chelo’s in food preparation and continues to be employed today. Jenna is a perfect example of the positive outcome that occurs when you “Believe in the Power of Work”.