Howard's Success Story

Howard, hearing impaired since birth, arrived at the doors of Goodwill in 2008 seeking assistance to find a job. He was referred to Services for the Deaf, the division of the agency that provides evaluation, case management, job development and other services to a wide range of individuals with auditory impairments - including those who have never heard or spoken a word. While Howard's work history was limited, with the exception of a fork lift operator job he held in the 70's, this was the least of the worries. In addition to the sporadic, undocumented work and the hearing impairment, Howard also had a felony for possession of narcotics as well as HIV contracted through his ex-wife. While Howard needed to work, his medical condition supported part-time work only. It was clear this was going to be a challenge as it's not every day that employers are looking to hire a deaf felon with limited work experience who can only work part-time. Following the completion of evaluation and work preparation services, Howard worked hard to follow through with his employment plan.

Through the diligent efforts of both Howard and Services for the Deaf he soon found a job that was the perfect match. Today he works as a part-time custodian five mornings each week. Due to the nature of his job, Howard works independently and can judge his stamina for the tasks he needs to get done. While many would think the challenge to employ Howard was just too great, it's just another day in the life at Goodwill.