Employer Incentives

Under our Work Experience Program, employers are offered a two week “try out” period to determine if one of our selected job trainees meets the company’s job expectations. Individuals from our various programs, who meet our program criteria for engaging in an internship or work experience, are matched with employers who will provide those individuals with an opportunity to experience or job shadow in the actual work situation. This program provides a bridge to employment at the company site chosen to capitalize on client skills and company needs of an eventual job outcome.

  • Participant will be responsible to get to and from job independently.
  • The participating employer is NOT responsible for payment of wages to the program participant during the work experience/internship.
  • After conclusion of the work experience, the organization will have the option of hiring the program participant, and while encouraged if a positive experience, but is in no way obligated.
  • If subsequently hired, on the job training credits are available, which can pay up to 50% of the new hire's salary for up to six months.

For more information about work experiences and tax credits please email Jonathan Salinas or call 401-861-2080