Angela's Success Story

For most of her life Angela had no formal work experience. Born able to hear in the Dominican Republic, Angela lost her hearing at age 3 and this meant that her education ended with the third grade. Angela eventually moved to Rhode Island to join her family. Her brother is a graduate of Goodwill’s training programs has been successfully employed for over 16 years. Angela found her way to the Office of Rehabilitation Services for assistance, who then referred her to Goodwill for a vocational evaluation. She received a bus pass and travel training so she would be able to attend her evaluation. Angela can lip read in Spanish and is learning American Sign Language. Her positive attitude and great work ethic have paid off. Upon completion of two job trials Angela was hired by TJ Maxx as a temp for the Christmas season. After the holidays instead of being laid off Angela was hired as a permanent employee. Angela loves her job and her supervisor says he wishes all his employees were like Angela.